Martini CEO Skip Brand Speaks at the JFAM Focus Summit in San Francisco

The Financial Marketers’ Alliance, a group that brings together senior marketers from the world’s leading financial brands, hosted the third in a series of “Focus Summits” around Digital Marketing at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco last Friday. This specific summit focused on “social and emerging media.”

JFAM invited Martini CEO Skip Brand to speak on a panel entitled “The New Media Mix: Financial Strategies for Tomorrow.” The panel was moderated by Bill Wreaks, Chief Analyst of The Journal of Financial Advertising & Marketing, and other panelists included Oliver Snoddy, Director of Digital Services at Doremus and Randi Levine, Senior Strategist/Financial, AOL.

Martini has worked with a breadth of Financial Advertisers, from American Express to State Street to TDAmeritrade. Our Finance Channel, comprised of premium trade sites such as Schaeffers’ Research, The Fiscal Times, and ETF Market Pro, as well as our Affluent Lifestyle Channels have proven effective reach to an audience of finance decision makers engaged around their passions at work and at play. Contact us if you would like to hear more about our success in the Finance Category.

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